One summer, one coastline. Four months of diving around the coast of Britain with jellyfish swarms, 8-metre sharks and with night-vision goggles. Rode on fishing trawlers, square riggers and vast cargo ships as we explored Britain’s relationship with her ocean…

A piece I wrote about it for the Times is here.

YouTube clips from Britain’s Secret Seas:

Diving with a seal that seemed to know me a little too well…

In the North Sea trawling for prawns… and for answers

In the water with twelve sharks each the size of a minibus, off the coast of Cornwall

Thames Shipwrecks:

Transmission Card for Thames Wrecks series

When the Port of London Authority decided to expand their operations and dredge a new channel up the Thames, the route was to pass through seven shipwrecks whose stories give a glimpse into the long and illustrious history of the river, the capital and Britain itself.

From the HMS London, which exploded in peacetime in when a crewman decided to light his way to the gunpowder room with a candle, to the Aisha, a private yacht that was pressed into service to defend the shores of Britain but which was sunk by a mine in 1940, the excavation of these wrecks sheds new light on the secrets kept by Old Father Thames…

And Finally…

An early interview talking about the ocean and why it excites me:


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